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Monthly Social Issues

Each month is dedicated to bringing awareness and understanding of a social issue faced by people in this world. Below are the eight social issues our students will focus on this year.

Events & Programming Descriptions

Here is a quick snapshot of Student Volunteer Connection's monthly events and programming. For more information, click on the icons above!

SVC Sunday Post

Each SVC Sunday Post focuses on bringing awareness to the many complexities of our monthly social issues. Check out our Instagram @txst_svc for more information! 

Member Meetings

Two membership meetings are hosted every month. These meetings are dedicated to learning about our monthly social issue while building community with fellow Texas State students.

Tabling Events

At this come-and-go event, students are able to meet our officers and learn about upcoming SVC events and programming. These events are held two times a month on Bobcat Trail.

Bobcat Acts of Kindness & Day of Service

BAK in Service is held the last Saturday of each month. Also related to the monthly social issue, this event engages students in indirect and direct service opportunities both on-campus and in the community.